Stills from The Knock

By Danielle Champíet

First stills from The Knock. The first film production from my company, Aisle 12 Entertainment. A short horror-thriller, The Knock stars Jessica Robins and Kevin Michael Watson. Cinematographer, John W. Reddy, helped create some amazing scenes.

Kevin Michael Watson and Jessica Robins
Lunch time and intense scene planning.
Anything and everything is a prop, even my car.
Me and Timothy Krabill
Not the official poster but the storyboard work of Anthony Sturmas is too amazing not to share!

I would posted more but I had to take over for the boom operator. That’s the person who hold the mic and records the sound. Things I never knew. Impossible to take pics and hold the boom (a large pole with a mic at the end of it). But there will be more to come!!

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