Elected Terrorists

                                                                  Terrorist, a simple word with a simple meaning. Through the media and our government, that word has been applied to many things and shaping what we as a society have come to associate with that word, but did we ever stop to consider our own, home-grown terrorists. I’m not talking about the uni-bomber or the Oklahoma […]

Voter Suppression

Since last November, and especially since January 2017, I have asked myself almost daily, ‘what kind of bizzaro world have I woken up to?’ Did I eat the wrong side of the mushroom? Did I get a bad one? Then I remembered that I don’t eat shrooms or fungi of any kind except for Portobellos, […]

Get Fit, Stay Fit!

An old saying that seems to be taken for granted a lot is ‘at least you have your health.’ It doesn’t sound like much until your health takes a blow. Even simply not feeling up to par from a cold or flu can make one appreciate that saying. Think of all the things that get put on […]


Zealandia sounds like something you’d find in a video game instead of the pacific ocean. I wonder how many other lost treasures like this are yet to be found. Did people live in Zealandia? If it were properly explored, would we find homes and schools and businesses? If we did, what could we learn from […]

Immigration Raids

There is nothing fair, just or human about any of this. No discretion or thought is being applied, just blanket terror and blunt force. When did we lose our humanity and compassion? Fear and greed cannot be our governing forces or our legacy. We have a very corrupt and convoluted immigration system and it just […]

Resistance Events, Feb 18-26

Attend a Resistance Recess Event: Save our Health Care, our Communities, and our Democracy The week of February 18–26 is the first recess of the 115th Congress—time specifically set aside for members of Congress to meet with constituents and get the pulse of the communities they represent. This is the perfect time to raise our […]