World Record Broken!

The Guinness Book of World Records is a monsterous, ever-growing book and chock-full of all kinds of crazy records held by people around the world. Some records you’d expect to see and others you couldn’t even imagine. Setting a world record of any variety is nothing short of awe-inspiring and incredibly prestigious.  Of all the […]

Drum Circles and Fire Dancers!

Can you imagine two things more perfectly paired than drum circles and fire dancers? I can’t. As with belly dancing, fire dancing was love at first sight; so warm and entrancing. I had heard that there were drum circles in Vancouver and always wanted to go to one, but had no idea where to find […]

Tattoos That Track Your Health

Tech and art can spawn some lovely creations, like color-changing tattoos to track your health. No longer just body art, people have been getting tattoos to display important health information as opposed to the more traditional medic-alert jewelry. Color-changing ink to track things like blood sugar, sodium levels, etc is a brilliant way to level-up […]

How To Wear Scarves

I love scarves but tend to get in a rut as to how to wear them. This guide is great for helping to add variety to our Fall fashion and save you money too. No need to buy a ton of scarves when a simple change in how you wear it can make one scarf […]