Overcrowded Detention Centers Create Pandemic Hotbeds

by Danielle Champíet Since news of the Covid-19 pandemic officially caught fire in the U.S. and states took serious measures to quash it, I have been waiting to see how our immigration detention centers would act. Called out heavily before the outbreak for their inhumane treatment of immigrants; sexual assaults, wrong medications given out, lack […]

Review: Things That Can and Cannot Be Said

by Danielle Champíet As I recline on my couch reading Things That Can and Cannot Be Said by John Cusack and Arundhati Roy, the binding creased and cracked from the multiple times it’s been read, a headline pops up on my phone about the Trump-Ukraine investigation. A chill goes down my spine and I realize […]

Detention Camp Protests

On Friday, July 12th, people gathered at detention centers throughout the United States to peacefully protest the heinous treatment people have been receiving and how ICE has conducted themselves. Thousands of people singing outside the Homestead concentration camp for children after an interfaith prayer. #EndChildDetention pic.twitter.com/YJVwlJW1X3 — Thomas Kennedy (@tomaskenn) July 13, 2019 Videos and […]

A Day Without Immigrants march

Written by Danielle Champiet-Coronado  Check out @abc_columbia’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/abc_columbia/status/832334454869860352?s=09 Millions of people throughout the US gathered to show support for immigrants and against Drumpf’s racist policies. My step-daughter said her school was practically empty today because everyone was at the demonstration. It’s beautiful to see so much passion and support. We must keep it going […]