Isaiah Washington Speaks Again

By Danielle Champiet-Coronado Expanding on the deep and extremely personal stories that he shared in his hugely successful book, A Man From Another Land, Isaiah Washington goes even deeper in his podcast series, Isaiah Washington Speaks Again. In his jovial and entertaining way, Mr. Washington presents new events from his life and travels while mixing […]

Elected Terrorists

Written by Danielle Champiet-Coronado                                        Terrorist, a simple word with a simple meaning. Through the media and our government, that word has been applied to many things and shaping what we as a society have come to associate with that […]

Get Fit, Stay Fit!

Written by Danielle Champiet-Coronado  An old saying that seems to be taken for granted a lot is ‘at least you have your health.’ It doesn’t sound like much until your health takes a blow. Even simply not feeling up to par from a cold or flu can make one appreciate that saying. Think of all the things […]