Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy in Women with Dr. Gordon Gunn | Stark Naked Radio This is a great podcast. It demystifies most of the confusion and misinformation that has been put out about women, their bodies and the changes we experience. Both women and men would benefit greatly by listening to Dr. Gunn’s interview. Why men too? All men have women in their lives whom they care about […]

Detention Camp Protests

On Friday, July 12th, people gathered at detention centers throughout the United States to peacefully protest the heinous treatment people have been receiving and how ICE has conducted themselves. Thousands of people singing outside the Homestead concentration camp for children after an interfaith prayer. #EndChildDetention — Thomas Kennedy (@tomaskenn) July 13, 2019 Videos and […]

Happy 4th Of July

Happy 4th! Let’s never forget that the land we live on, love on, build our lives on is Native American/First Nation’s land. We should always give thanks and appreciation and seek ways to build a better present and future for all. We should not forget and we should never let our government forget. No more […]