Why Is It So F-ing Hot?!

By Danielle Champíet

The year 2021 has yielded some of the hottest temperatures in Washington state to date. Growing up in this area, summers were always moderate. A hit day was 90°. Those weren’t often seen.

Nicknamed “The Rainy State”, our days were usually overcast with light showers and drizzling rain. Pretty vanilla compared to other states. That was my impression of summers in western Washington; nothing much to speak of. Pine trees were green all year and there wasn’t much difference between winter and summer. Thanks to the pine trees, fall and spring weren’t very distinct either. Global warming wasn’t considered and humidity was just a word in a book.

I moved to a town north of Chicago, IL in 1988. I had just turned 19 and had barely been out on my own. I got on a plane in Seattle, WA. It was 65°. Nothing unusual for that time of year. A few hours later I landed in Chicago. The pilot said that it had just cooled down to 85°. It didn’t phase me too much. I stepped off the plane and into that first dose of Midwestern humidity. It felt like there was no air!

After nine years there, I grew used to the odd and sometimes extreme weather. -40° and -60° days were a new experience too. Summers were hot and your clothes always stuck to you from all of the moisture in the air but most days were tolerable. A few times temperatures did get up to 104° but those were the exception.

When I moved back to Washington, I looked forward to the moderate weather with which I had grown up. Fast forward to the summer of 2021 and we are now treated with record 100° days and even days of 111° and 115°. Unreal!! Not even in Chicago had I experienced that. And so humid too. Many days I’ve felt like I’m back in Chicago. Completely not normal for western Washington.

THAT is global warming or climate change, if you wish. With the temperatures we’ve seen this year, can we really say that global warming and climate change aren’t real? Neither us nor the animals that we share this planet with were meant for that kind of weather. Humans are the main cause and contributors of gobal warming. We also are its cure.

In order to halt and reverse the effects of global warming, we as a global society, must do all we can to lessen our impact. Solar energy use, clean and green modes of transportation, clean up garbage from our oceans, use of biodegradable or non-pollution contributing products, recycling, upcycling, repurposing, etc. Every bit helps and we must start immediately. Encourage those around you to practice greener habits too.

What is the average summer temperature in washington state


Global Warming – NASA


3 thoughts on “Why Is It So F-ing Hot?!

      1. You’re welcome Danielle! I have great respect for your efforts on climate change and the protection of the environment and the defense of human rights. You are a great friend and a pioneer woman. Keep up the great job!


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