Postal Service: Trump says he opposes funding USPS because of mail-in voting – CNNPolitics

by Danielle Champíet

Trump has taken voter suppression to new heights. Think Mt. Everest heights! In the thick of the Covid-19 pandemic with businesses heavily restricted and many shutdown, mail-in ballots are our best and only way to vote in this coming election.

(Photo by

Mask requirements aside, can you imagine how long the voting lines would be with the 6ft rule in place?! Most people wouldn’t risk the exposure and prolonged contact that voting lines deliver. I won’t even go for my allergy shots until covid19 clears up.

Not to mention the super-sized anguish of standing in line. It’s unfathomable, grueling and tortuous. Trump is not offering voters any alternatives, just a blanket no.

(Photo by FairVote)

It’s bad enough that voter suppression exists in the form of closed caucases and primaries. The largest pool of voters identify themselves as Independents. In many states they are not allowed to vote unless they register as a Democrat or a Republican. Forcing people to align with a party they don’t believe in just to vote or not be allowed to vote is unconstitutional.

Now Trump is taking voting away from the rest of us. Some states, like Washington, have a huge mail-in ballot turnout. It’s much better than standing in line in any given election. I remember having to wait hours in line just to get my turn at the voting booth. With social distancing, those lines would be insane! It would take all day to make it to the booth and who wants to spend a day like that? Many wouldn’t be able to stand that long. Weather, fitness levels, health conditions, take your pick.

We cannot and must not let this happen. I urge everyone to call/text/message your congressional and senate reps and tell them that we, the people, need this mail-in program in order to vote this year! It only makes sense that the postal system is going to need the additional funding for staffing and resources to handle the exponential increase in mail that a nation-wide mail-in ballot program will bring.

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