Overcrowded Detention Centers Create Pandemic Hotbeds

by Danielle Champíet

Since news of the Covid-19 pandemic officially caught fire in the U.S. and states took serious measures to quash it, I have been waiting to see how our immigration detention centers would act.

Called out heavily before the outbreak for their inhumane treatment of immigrants; sexual assaults, wrong medications given out, lack of medical care, lack of hygiene care provided and, um, people crammed into cages like mass-produced livestock. Actually, the livestock at least get antibiotics.

With masks and 6ft social distancing being required in order to prevent Covid-19 from spreading, how would overcrowded facilities go about enacting CDC recommendations? The answer; they wouldn’t. They’ve barely tested immigrants at their more than 200 facilities. You’d think that at the very least they’d care about the welfare of their staff and realize that the health of one depends on the health of the other. Doesn’t appear so.

Even with a judges orders to remove unaccompanied minors to a lesser populated home for the safety of the minors, they have had a characteristically lack of action on doing so.

While the borders may be closed, the deportation rivers flow freely. Lack f care and testing has turned our immigration centers into a global Trojan horse, further perpetuating the pandemic. Countries who were barely getting a footing and serving as our cautionary tale are now revictimized by out goverment’s lack of care and humanity.

With thousands of abandoned commercial buildings throughout the U.S., our government could have converted any number of those into additional detention centers and provided a better standard of living years ago. It definitely should have been looked at at the start of this pandemic. For those who didn’t have a criminal record, other than not correctly piloting our crooked and convoluted immigration system, should have been released on their own recognizance. Worst case, tracking anklets could be used if they’re truly that paranoid.

Sorry, does that sound inhumane? Tracking anklets? It’s a far better solution to cramming people into standing-room-only cages. Sounds like a bad Stanford experiment. So what to do now about the mother of all petri dishes? Something must be done. It’s not right to treat another human so callously and we will never get over on Covid-19 as long as we continue to act so stupidly and selfishly.



Data on the Coronavirus Outbreak in Immigration Detention Offer More Questions than Answers

Immigrant Detention and COVID-19: How the US Detention System Became a Vector for the Spread of the Pandemic

JUL 31: Found this article today. It supports everything in my article!


3 thoughts on “Overcrowded Detention Centers Create Pandemic Hotbeds

  1. Thanks, Danielle, for this report. It was really shocking! No human being should be treated like this. This is terrible. Thank you for being the voice of these oppressed people. You are a great defender of human rights and children and women. This is very valuable to you. The Best respect to you my dear friend Danielle.
    Stay safe and well!

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