Trump Shreds Constitution

by Danielle Champíet

Video of protestors taken away by unknown authorities in unmarked cars. When fellow protestors ask where they’re being taken to, the “authorities” threaten gun violence and refuse to give facility information.

I LOVE that when the people cried out for reform, racial equality and justice for those murdered at law enforcement hands, our tyrant-in-chief responded with violence against the people.

How far will we as people, as Americans, allow Trump and his regime to go before we say ENOUGH?

Portland, Chicago, who’s next?

And the federal invasion escalates;

JULY 29: STILL no plans from our tyrant-in-chief on racial justice. Perhaps this is his plan:

JULY 30: We now know what Trump’s word is worth – nothing! His US Marshals, immigration and border patrol thugs were supposed to leave today buy decided not to lose graciously.

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