Detention Camp Protests

On Friday, July 12th, people gathered at detention centers throughout the United States to peacefully protest the heinous treatment people have been receiving and how ICE has conducted themselves.

Videos and pictures like the one above depicted the enormous turnouts. Those who could not be at one of the gatherings in person posted their own candlelight vigil in solidarity.

With our government’s treatment of immigrants tantamount to Nazism, Americans are sick of deplorable acts such as taking away their children, children dying in detention facilities, being deprived of basic amenities and medical care and being crammed together in small cells.

Our governors and state attorneys general intervened when the Muslim ban was attempted, but where are they now? Many notable people have toured detention facilities and witnessed the inhumane conditions and we’ve all seen the news postings. Where is the action for our public officials?

I still have hope that we can be the America that’s worthy of the ridiculously large statue in the harbor and especially worthy of its engraving.

By Danielle Champiet-Coronado

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