Poetry Moves; A Celebration Of Poetry

55. Poetry Moves cohosts Jackie Genis and LaRae Zawodny


by Danielle Champíet-Coronado

Enjoying its fourth year, Poetry Moves celebrated with music, dance and much poetry at the Vancouver Community Library on April 28, 2019. A collaboration between Artstra (formerly Arts of Clark County) and C-Tran, the program is designed to promote art and artists throughout Clark County by displaying poetry on C-Tran buses. Dividing the year into two seasons (adult and student), poems are displayed on channel cards for 6 months and then exchanged for the next seasons winners giving bus patrons fresh new art to inspire their commutes.

As people found their seats they were treated to a lovely flute solo by Portland actor/musician/composer Sean Sele. Mr. Sele also accompanied a few poets during their readings. Co-hosting the event were Clark County Arts Commissioner and Artstra board member, LaRae Zawodny, and Artstra board member, Jackie Genis. Masterfully combining poetry, dance and music, all senses were treated to a cornucopia of art.

9. LaRae Zawodny - open remarks

“While C-Tran moves people from one place to another for destination purposes poetry, the artful use of language, can also move us; to reflect, to consider a new perspective, to find new levels of understanding,” were among Ms. Zawodny’s opening remarks. “Words matter. Communication matters. Having a voice and hearing each other matters.”

She went on to say that C-Tran had over six million riders in 2018. That is significant exposure for artists and for people to art. Those stats were later echoed by Rhonda Peck of C-Tran. She and Chris Selk have “played a major role in making Poetry Moves a great example of increasing arts accessibility across Clark County’ Ms. Zawodny shared as she introduced Ms. Peck. Ms. Peck responded by saying that it has been “an honor and privilege for us to participate in this program and to provide a moving display.”

10. Rhonda Peck from C-Tran

The program moved along at a steady pace with Ms. Zawodny giving warm and personal introductions to each poet. After their presentation, Ms. Genis presented each one with a gorgeous flower.

24. Jackie Genis presenting Holly Miller with a flower

Full video of event

Featured poets:

Diane Cammer ‘We Could Fly’ with Sean Sele on the flute
Laurie Cutter ‘Wildflowers’
Lauren Duquette ‘I Remember’ read by LaRae Zawodny
An’ya Bartolovic ‘Old Memories’ read by Mike Freeling
Gar Garland Reed ‘Queen Anne’s Lace’
Jacob Salzar Untitled
Melissa Clarke Ward Untitled
Mark Sargant ‘Note To The Letter Carrier’ read by inaugural Poet Laureate, Christopher Luna
Holly Miller ‘Historical Disasters’
David Hubka ‘Soaked’
D.H. Carol ‘Hole’ read by LaRae Zawodny
Suzann M. Baldwin Untitled read by LaRae Zawodny
Bruce Hall ‘A Long Ago Memory Of Calmer Times’ accompanied by Sean Sele on the trumpet

Season 6 Student Poets:

Margaret ‘The Beach’
Noah ‘Spaceships’
Ella ‘Across The River’
Hannah ‘The Butterfly That Stands Out’
Lilliana ‘Land Of Magic’ read by Russell Caps as Evergreen Dance Academy students, Chelsea and Marianna, gave an interpretive performance. After Mr. Caps’ reading, the girls performed an elegant routine to a piece by Michael Alan Harrison.

Annie ‘Ode To Summer’
Nyomi ‘Snowy Mountains’ read by Gwendolyn Morgan, Clark County Poet Laureate
Grace ‘To Be A Book In 20168’
Christina ‘Strangers’ and ‘How The Phoenix Flies’

The final reading of the event was ‘Honeycomb Prophecy’ by Toni Lumbrazo Luna with Sean Sele on the trumpet. A starry night performance by both that swaddled the packed room in romance.

At the conclusion of this inspiring event, Ms. Genis gave a personal and heartfelt thank you to those involved. Special gratitude was expressed to Judy Rose for her expertise on sound-checking and to the Vancouver Community Library and support team. “Thank you to Karen Madsen and Cameron Suttles and the Artstra board for their leadership, passion and dedication to elevating the arts and creating greater arts awareness in our community and in Southwest Washington.”

51. Poetry Moves crowd

Afterward, attendees visited with one another while enjoying delicious refreshments provided by New Seasons and Safeway. Artstra treasurer, Annie Davern, gathered all of the poets together for a group photo.

58. Poetry Moves poets and presenters with their poetry placards

Later, people perused the channel cards from seasons 1-6 which lined the tables. The cards were sold to raise money for Artstra and art awareness and the artists were all too happy to autograph them. If you are interested in submitting a poem to Poetry Moves or making a contribution to art awareness, please visit Artstra.org.

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