Is Stem Cell Therapy Covered by Medicare?

We need to press Congress to make stem cell therapy for conditions like arthritis, asthma and Parkinson’s disease covered by ALL insurance companies including Medicaid.

Stem cells come from multiple sources including our own bodies. We potentially hold the cure or treatment within ourselves, we just need it to be made available to us.

I have asthma and arthritis and, even if stem cells only reduced their affect on me, it would be absolutely worth it. If my stem cells or a donor’s could be harvested to treat or cure those conditions, to not be at the mercy of my environment and not have chronic pain, that would be an amazing gift. What would it mean for you to have your condition reversed or diminished?

For me it would mean independence and employment. There’s no reason that such medical advancements should not be fully covered by all insurance companies and made available for all conditions. Call your Congress and Senate reps and keep calling until stem cell therapy is available to all.

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