Application of Shadows Book Launch!


by Danielle Champíet-Coronado

Application of Shadows, the newest collection by A. Molotkov, was given a proper christening on November 19th at Broadway Books in Portland, OR. The charming store located near the Lloyd Center Mall overflowed with attendees, all there to welcome this amazing work of literary art into the world. And what a party!

Upon entry, people were greeted by the ethereal tunes rolling out like a gentle current, guiding them through the store to la petite scène. Our Pan,  the enchanted cellist, Jerry Bobbe. His magical hands flowed effortlessly over the strings, treating the growing crowd to a mixture of classical and contemporary pieces. A fabulous prelude to the exhibition that Mr. Molotkov had planned.

Guests were still pouring in as Mr. Molotkov took to the mic and greeted everyone. All were hanging on the edge of their seats as he softly revealed, “we’re not here to explain the world, but to make it more inexplicable.” A powerful revelation uttered with such subtly was met with roaring applause. You could hear the ignition of every mind there but that’s the Molotkov effect.

Tola  Rust3

Provocative writing that inspires the heart, mind and soul, Mr. Molotkov paints a gorgeous literary picture while artfully leaving a road-not-travelled that engages the mind. His innovative expressions and symbolism bring a freshness to poetry that are highly relatable to a broad and diverse readership.

A. Molotkov reading from Application of Shadows

While all of his poetry is bathed in deep emotions and profundities, Application of Shadows goes further in emotional exploration by traversing the caverns of loss and grief. Only the soulful playing of Mr. Bobbe could have appropriately mirrored the journey laid out by A. Molotkov.  While his musical career is insanely impressive, playing for the Chicago Chamber Orchestra and the Chicago Civic Orchestra as principal cellist, such accomplishments pale in comparison to his heart. Working with the Children’s Cancer Association and the Emanuel Burn Center, Mr. Bobbe donates his time playing at local hospitals.


At the conclusion of Mr. Molotkov’s reading, Mr. Bobbe serenaded the audience with a lovely solo. Such a night of enchantment has never been. The performance generated by the pairing of these two great men is something one would expect at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall and one can only hope that they would have the wisdom to scoop them up!






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