Soaring Spirits 2 Gala Benefit Concert

In case the print at the bottom is hard to read, The Traveling Day Society through music and prayer supports those in hospice. Whether it’s our own passing or that of a loved one, it’s not something that we ever accept easily. Probably because we value life so much and spend a great deal of time trying to overcome adversities and challenges and make accomplishments and never give a thought to the fact that no one lives forever.

I remember when my grandma was sick with emphysema. It was a battle that she fought for years, losing more to it each day. When she could fight no more, she actually had to be given permission from my mom to let go. My family is a bit of a mess and my grandma kept thinking that she could fix all of the broken pieces. She wouldn’t let go until she did and some things were just not within her power to fix.

While that is her story, we all have unfinished business. Most faiths have a last rites or end of life ritual that helps us and those we love to accept and prepare for the inevitable. They also help us not to fear what is unknown about passing. When I see organizations like The Traveling Day Society, I think of my grandma and how much peace something like that would have brought her. It takes a special kind of love and strength to bring some peace to those sailing through the uncharted waters and embrace the beauty of what’s to come.

The Traveling Day Society

Gentle Thunder – Water Blessing and Land Activations

by Danielle Champiet-Coronado

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