Clark County Poets Directory!

At last, we will have one! This directory will be great for the poetry community to know each other or at least of each other. It will also be great for those looking to build their writing resume and gain recognition with publishers.

The requirements are not difficult. If you’ve never been published before, don’t let that derail you. Another great way to build or add to your resume is self-publishing. Sites such as B&N Press are easy to use and cost nothing to publish your book. I had a lot of fun putting mine together.

My kryptonite would have to be the bio. I either say too much or too little and not sure if any of it was relevant. Fortunately I came across a directory that was full of great examples of what to put in one’s bio:

Your bio does not have to look like these. Mix it up, have fun and make them reflect you! These are about the size and shape of what they are looking for so they’re a great starting point. If you have any questions, please send them to either of the contacts in the Clark County flyer at the start of this article with Clark County Poets Directory in the subject line.

by Danielle Champiet-Coronado


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