Editorial: A Way Out Of The JCPOA Crisis

via Editorial: A Way Out Of The JCPOA Crisis  

As an addendum to this article, Trump did back out of the Iran Nuclear Deal. The people of Iran wanted those sanctions against the regime and France and Germany supported it. Continuing those sanctions was the very least that we could do to support the Iranian people as they fought for democracy and freedom in their country. I can’t believe that members of our own congress have the nerve to nominate Trump for a Nobel Peace Prize when everything he’s done has been the antithesis of peace. His actions are tantamount to an ignorant thug who has his first shot at sitting in his daddy’s chair and is not only clueless about the world around him but is completely driven his id. Surely out of the 535 members of our senate and congress, there must be enough people with an inkling of common sense to stop his heinous and dangerous actions. I implore them on behalf of both the American and Iranian people to reinstate those sanctions. The best fights are the ones that never have to be fought.


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