Nag the Vote! A non-partisan website designed to help send e-mails to millennials reminding them to register and vote.

by Danielle Champiet-Coronado

Our vote is our voice and is a privilege that should never be wasted. From small elections to the presidency, we as Americans need to do our part each time to make sure that the best people are elected at every level. With the craze of ours days; work, school, family, pets, social activities – keeping track of even something as simple as registering becomes cumbersome. The solution; the Nag site.

This is a non-partisan site with a simple task, reminding us to check if we are registered and to register if you are not. This site does not care about party affiliations or age. Anyone with an email can play. You can even send yourself a message! It’s SO easy. You just go to the link above, fill out the form (below) and submit.

You will get the following email and to send to the intended person:

It’s all put together. All you do is push send. Brilliant, right? They just go to the site listed to check their registration status and can find out how to register for their state if need be. Even if you voted in the last election, it is good to check your status for the next one. We saw this last year, states purging records and people not finding out that they were no longer registered until they were at the polls.

We’ve also seen what happens when our government is not kept in check. It makes more sense and is less work to just make sure that the right people, ones who will ACTUALLY work for the people and NOT corporations, get into office from the start. To make real change and repair the damage our current government has caused we need EVERYONE to vote. We can do this but everyone has to show up on election day.


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