NYC Youth Poet Laureate William Lohier’s Powerful Anti-Gun Violence Poem

by Danielle Champiet-Coronado

Our children and youth deserve the best and that includes a life without fear of being shot. I like guns, I’ve shot guns and in certain arenas I can see their purpose. With that said, there is no weapon, not one thing, more dear to me than the life of a child. Changing gun laws to better protect the public and keep weapons OUT of the hands that they should not be in does NOT infringe on the 2nd amendment. And it is an amendment, not an inalienable right. Change is in the nature and definition of the word amendment. If that were not the case, the majority of Americans would be able to vote or enjoy any form of equality. I know I wouldn’t.

DUI laws and age restrictions didn’t kill the alcohol industry. Laws banning cigarette smoking inside buildings and areas with children hasn’t hindered people from smoking or buying cigarettes. Age restrictions, educational and licensing requirements to drive hasn’t hurt anything either. What those laws have done is make things safer and healthier for all of society.

Yes, one could argue that there are laws against murder, but those are after-the-fact, not preventative. They haven’t seemed to even curb gun violence let alone deter it. Changing gun laws is not enough. Aside from COMPREHENSIVE AND REAL legislation that ACTUALLY works, we need better protection and preventative measures at all schools. We as a society also need to change what we value and how we value it. A gun is not a toy, it’s a weapon, and it’s not worth more than a child’s life or safety.

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