The Gilli of Wauk

My new book, The Gilli of Wauk, is now available for purchase at Barnes and Noble:


Nook Book

This story was started by my great-grampa and completed by myself. I grew up listening to it. My mom and I created the illustrations. It’s been a labor of love and family from beginning to end. I hope your family enjoys it as much as we have!

– Danielle


4 thoughts on “The Gilli of Wauk

  1. Congrats again, I thind Gilli and Wauk should be two characters or the hero of your book, If I’m wrong please guide me. Your name on the book is enough for me to know that this is a great book. Good luck Danielle.

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      1. It makes more sense when the whole story is read. Hard to tell from the little bit that is displayed. I tried to put an excerpt on it so people can get a better feel for it but it doesn’t seem to come up with the cover.

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