Winds Of Change Are Taking Out The Garbage

By Danielle Champiet-Coronado 

Yesterday’s elections brought about some very timely and much needed change in our country. They were just the ripples in the water in a few states, but ripples turn into tsunamis especially when they’re joined with totally fed up and pissed off America! In Virginia, Danica Roem handed the GOP a heaping pile of humble pie as she ousted Bob Marshall. The beautiful irony of a talented, caring, intelligent transgender woman knocking that old dinosaur, Bob, into the tar pit where he belongs. Bob the dinosaur was the author of the bill to ban transgender from public bathrooms. Bye, bye Bob.

Check out @CNN’s Tweet:

Another GOP was evicted from the House by Democratic Socialist, Lee Carter. That’s right, the same party as our beloved Bernie Sanders. 

If Virginia can do it, so can the rest of the country! Virginians took full advantage of this election by making Ralph Northam their governor and re-election Stephanie Morales as the Porthsmouth commonwealth attorney.

Not wanting to miss out on the progress, Pennsylvania elected Tyler James Titus as the Erie City School Director. Mr. James is the first transgender person elected to his position as Ms. Roem is the first transgender elected as a representative. 

These elections bring our country some much needed hope for our present and for our future. If we stand together and keep moving forward, we can fix our government and get people into those positions who will put the welfare of people over greed. WE the people can do this! 


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