Freedom of the Press Foundation

If you want to be well-informed, is where you go. Great, well-researched articles from some of the most intelligent minds and best of all, they bow to no one! News and information in their purest forms. 

Board members and founders include Jeff Perry Barlow, John Cusack, Daniel Ellsberg, Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald to name a few. Their bios as well as the rest of the board members and staff can be found at Board Members. I LOVE this site! The topics covered are important and relevant and I can trust the information that they provide. Don’t give up your favorite news source, but definitely add this one to it. 

In addition to great articles, there are excellently written, easy to follow tutorials on subjects like how to protect your email and anti-phishing. This site is really unlike any other and the people who contributed to its all-encompassing wealth of information are top notch. Again, read the bios. They’re all incredibly accomplished. Check it out for yourself, it will be time well-spent.


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