The New Colossus VS The White House

Written by Danielle Champiet-Coronado 

My first horribly disturbing read of the day was this article about how the white house, our white house, is turning it’s back on the Statue of Liberty and it’s poem, The New Colossus. The very symbol of what America means and represents, not just to Americans, but the world. Sounds terribly pretentious to say that, especially with our current crop of elected officials,  but it’s true. Just as Europe symbolizes love, romance and India represents ecological development and animal conservation, American is or was the land of opportunity. For our white house to step away from what America means is utterly reprehensible. What’s next, burning the Constitution and Declaration of Independence? I know they’ve tried cutting out the parts that get in their way.

We’re at a global turning point. Countries are learning to work more together and learning from each other, we find ourselves saddled with a divisive government. All countries have something unique to offer to the rest of the world that they could greatly benefit from and we should be embracing that. There are no design flaws in our planet, it’s not an accident that some areas get more sun and others get more wind and rain. We’re meant to utilize these strengths for the betterment of the people globally. 

While The New Colossus might not be as old as the Statue of Liberty, make no mistake, she did inspire it. Those words are her and she them and they both are America. The only thing that burns brighter than her torch is the heart of every American and every person worldwide who believes in what she stands for. That dream, that freedom, was greatly influenced by the Native American communities. It’s past time that home of the free and the land of dreams included them. We have the greatest conservationists right beside us and we are failing to work with them. Humanity is failing itself. If we can change and learn to work together, to live harmoniously, we will all thrive. 

White House Distances Itself From The Poem On The Statue Of Liberty


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