Dan Price: the CEO who took a pay cut to give his staff a $70k minimum wage

Dan Price: the CEO who took a pay cut to give his staff a $70k minimum wage | Society | The Guardian


Writtenby Danielle Champiet-Coronado 

I have buckets of admiration for Dan Price and what he’s done for how employees are viewed and valued. The ripple effect of his generosity and great business sense in elevating the standard of living for his employees has been felt globally. Companies around the world have stepped up and provided better compensation to their workers. The best part, is that Dan Price did it without having to pass the cost onto his customers. 

With a 95% retention rate, Gravity Payment clients enjoy fantastic service at great prices. I can personally attest to their courtesy and professionalism when I had contacted his office about using their services for my husband’s business. The person we dealt with was amazing, well-informed and extremely helpful. Unfortunately, our credit processing needs never got out of its baby phase, but after my brief experience with Gravity Payments, I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. Dan Price and Gravity Payments are an excellent business model not only for how to properly treat your employees, but also in how to treat your clients and run a successful company.


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