Cow Urine May Be Healing

Written by Danielle Champiet-Coronado 

I like to keep an open mind and am all for holistic treatments, but I’m going to need to see the science on this one. It sounds intriguing and as one who suffers from diabetes, asthma and arthritis, something natural that can help or cure either of those definitely has my attention. Western medicine has definitely failed me on many points. The quest of my doctors and myself to find a remedy for my arthritis was most likely a huge contributor to my now having diabetes. All of the medications that I had tried to get some relief from the pain all had the same side effect; they messed with blood sugar. 

When my doctor gave me the news, it was a surprise. I don’t indulge in sweets much and have been carefully about what I eat for decades. He wanted to put me on a medication with very scary side effects and couple that with another one that was even more scary, it caused birth defects. I asked him to give me six months to get my levels down naturally and he agreed to it. Fortunately, I have been able to get my levels down and keep them stable through diet and exercise, but I do wonder how long I can keep that up. At some point, my arthritis is going to interfere with my efforts or my metabolism will slow to a point that something extra will need to be done. It would be nice to have a viable alternative that doesn’t carry horrific side effects. What do you do when the treatment is just as scary as the ailment? 

Check out @AFP’s Tweet:

So, while data seems limited on this subject, I think it warrants a further look. A company, the Go-vigyan Kendra institute in India, has received a patent in the US for Gomutra Ark and more: 

We live in a world that’s run by big pharmacy. Their guiding star is that there’s no profit in the cure, even in a world of nearly eight billion people.  I’m not a doctor, so I would never advocate a treatment plan for anyone, regardless of scientific backing. That discussion is strictly between a person and their healer. Still, it would be nice for some of these doctors and scientists to step away from the lemming heard and explore the possibility that something else might be better than what’s currently being used. Science is supposed to be empirical and it would be nice if people were put before profit. So, whether a believer or a doubters, test it out and publish the data. If cow urine is the cure for many ails, the world should know.

It may sound odd, drinking cow urine, but I imagine that was the opinion of penicillin made from bread mold at first. Fair to say that if we knew the origins of a few medications, not just the long, unpronouncable ingredients, we might take a step back from them too. While cow’s urine is probably not the most tasty drink, adding things to it to make it more palatable could lessen it’s benefits. That would be something for scientists to explore as well. Sometimes the things we put in, like we’ve done for flavored water, can alter how our bodies receive it. May be best to down it like a shot and chase it with a glass of milk. That would be my plan. 


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