What do you wish for?

This is SO beautiful! It makes a bad day good and a good day better!

Freedom Star

Must listen this(Hindi:Tu kya chahta hai?) What do you wish for?

Such a beautiful song! Elegant and harmonious. Below the video are the lyrics in English.
Description of the audio- video :

Singer – Suresh Wadkar
Lyricist and Video Concept – Natesan Muni
Music Compose – Saarthak Chintu Kalla
Creative Director – Mukesh Kaushik
Editing – Prince Grover & Mukesh Kaushik
Media and Marketing – Shailesh Tripathi,
Public Relation officer – Reema Ojha

English Translation of Lyrics

Shelf ( Mukhda )

What do you wish for ? What do you wish for?
You want this earth, full of your co-believers !
In the name of Religion, In the name of a Pride,
Why are you alienating the human hearts?
1st Stanza (Anthra)

You are not more then a dust, you are a nothing in this universe,
God gave you one more sense , and you become a God
After seeing…

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