Immigration Raids

Written by Danielle Champiet-Coronado 

There is nothing fair, just or human about any of this. No discretion or thought is being applied, just blanket terror and blunt force. When did we lose our humanity and compassion? Fear and greed cannot be our governing forces or our legacy.

We have a very corrupt and convoluted immigration system and it just got worse. People assume that if you marry a US citizen that you are automatically a citizen and they would be dead wrong. Even if someone were to try to go that route, there’s a great chance that they would be sent out of the US while the courts make a decision. That can take years. Years that families are separated and many end up losing their case because they are not allowed back in or able to come back to attend their court cases, which are in the US. That makes no sense.

Our system is designed to keep people out unless there’s something our government wants from their country or they are very rich. We have the best system money can buy, as evidence by many of the immigration detention systems being “for-profit” facilities. To make things worse, there is little to no regulation over the people working in our immigration system. While there are many good, caring lawyers who go all out to help their clients, there are many who take advantage of people. Not only scamming them out of thousands of dollars that they don’t have, but costing them their only chance to become legal citizens. Their victims have little to no recourse.

Trying to take care of your family is not a crime. There isn’t one of us who wouldn’t do the same thing if we were in their shoes. We have billions of dollars to give Israel for I don’t know what, our defense programs take up 55% of our budget AND the wealthy get away with not paying their fare share in taxes. Changes to any or all of those would greatly improve our economy and create some breathing room for the people. Perhaps in that space, misplaced fear can be dispelled.

I do understand people’s concerns. Most days it feels like there’s a noose around our necks and it’s getting tighter and it’s called bills. The answer to our problems doesn’t lie in panicking and buying into Drumpf’s fear-mongering. That’s just misdirection and for some, it’s working. The reality is that immigrants help our economy and that was proven by a republican study in 2012. So, why do they ignore their own study? Because immigrants make a great scapegoat for them to keep ripping off the American people. Our true answer to all of our problems is unity. Unity against the fear and tyranny and lies that are raining down on us.

We stand together and we win. We given into the lies and fear and we lose. I choose to win. How about you?


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