A Day Without Immigrants march

Written by Danielle Champiet-Coronado 

Check out @abc_columbia’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/abc_columbia/status/832334454869860352?s=09

Millions of people throughout the US gathered to show support for immigrants and against Drumpf’s racist policies. My step-daughter said her school was practically empty today because everyone was at the demonstration. It’s beautiful to see so much passion and support. We must keep it going and growing. Drumpf has proven that we cannot let up at all. Our best hope is balancing out the power in the 2018 election. Many congress and senate seats will be open and we must get them filled by progressive candidates. That’s the ONLY way to stop Drumpf and his minions. #daywithoutimmigrants #NoBanNoWall#KeepFighting #AmericaUnited #OnlyLove #PeaceBe #Resistance 


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