Make Your Own Iron-ons

  Written by Danielle Champiet-Coronado 

   This is more of a tip rather than a how-to. Every year, I try to come up with new and fun art projects to do with my step-daughter. This summer I thought it would be fun to design her own shirts.
   I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics and hunted down the Iron-on section. To my surprise,  they had about 10-15 different kinds to choose from, most of which worked with an ink-jet printer. I stared blankly at them for about 20 minutes. While I was pleased with the selection,  they really didn’t tell me much about how they worked and what results to expect. I finally picked one that had sheets for light and dark colored clothes.


   There were two sets of instructions,  one for light and one for dark. You kinda have to use best judgement on what’s dark and what qualifies as light. I started with the dark shirts. We picked out the pictures,  loaded the iron-on sheets and printed. We did the same for the light shirts. The images had to dry for 30 minutes.  One difference from the start, images for the dark shirts did not need to be reversed and images for the light shirts did. I didn’t see why until it came time to iron them on.
   The dark shirt iron-ons were more of a vinyl decal. The image remained sharp as did the colors after ironing it on:


   Then we did the light shirts. The iron-ons for those shirts was more transparent,  which is probably why the bunny came out slightly orange:


  All in all, they came out pretty well. I think my preference is to use the dark shirt iron-ons for all shirts. They were easier to work with and the picture is sharper.

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