Written by Danielle Champiet-Coronado 

My step-daughter and I love to make crafts, so I am always trying to find new and interesting things for us to make. This is one was so fun, easy and has a practical application.

Every year I go on a mad hunt to find THE calendar for the coming year. One that’s pretty, unique and well-laid out. I couldn’t find any that appealed to me. This gave me the mad inspiration to make my own.

I love to do scrapbooking, so I have a few supplies around. I decided that they would make lovely backings for the calendar pages. I also used 3D stickers and jewel embellishments that I found at the Dollar Store, as well as a metallic marker. You can use whatever appeals to you and make it your own!20160501_185930-1

To start, I went online and found some blank calendars. That part can be a bit time-consuming. Much of the calendar pages are colored or the wrong size or direction.  You may want to consider using MS word to draft your own. I decided to do just 4 months at a time, so I printed out the ones I needed. I took two and my step-daughter took two. I set the supplies between us and told her to do what she wants.  Using Elmer’s glue, I secured the printed calendar to the scrapbook page and pressed it across and down, making sure it was as flat as I could get it.

Once that was done, I decorated! There’s no right or wrong way to do this, just go with your gut. I used the metallic marker to make the month title pop and used the jewel embellishments to mark birthdays on the calendars and sparkle to the pages. next, I used the 3D stickers to give extra glamor and pop.

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Once they were dried, we hung them up on the wall with thumb tacks. We both had so much fun making these, I can’t wait to make the next set!

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