In Loving Memory Of Muse

By Danielle Champiet-Coronado      

      This video is to celebrate the life and mourn the passing of my beloved Muse. I’ve written this eulogy 1000 times in my head but I find the words have left me now. Saying good-bye to him was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I was with him when he came into this world and also when he left it. Every moment in between has been a gift. I’ve had many companions, but he was the first who chose me. We’ve been through so much in 15 years. He made the bad days good and the good days great. Always at my side and constantly surprising me with things he picked up by watching me or new personality quirks he revealed. Muse protected me from bad dreams and bad boyfriends and helped me keep my heart open so that I wouldn’t miss my husband when he came along. I had to put child latches on my cupboards because Muse figured out how to open them and would hide in them when it was bath time or when he played hide and seek with the other cats. At one point, he had decided that he liked peeing in a bowl better than the litter box. I wondered how he was doing it without making a mess until I caught him. He just put his feet up on the edges, sat down and went. He probably would have used the toilet if I had put a potty-training set on there. He just wanted to do things like I did. There’s a red, plastic cup on the coffee table that he insisted on drinking from. Alberto used it one night and left it there. Muse and Rascal claimed it the next day and that was the only place they’d drink from.
     The mornings are the hardest. When I wake up, I don’t feel him laying on my legs or purring when he feels me stir or meow when he sees me open my eyes. Muse was always good to wait until I opened my eyes to say, “Good morning. Get up and feed me.” Our home is too quiet now. Muse was always talking. Chattering sounds ranging from adorable chirps and murmurs to operatic meows. Alberto nicknamed him Music because it was like he was singing. No matter what I was doing, Muse was always by my side. If I went into another room, he followed me and stayed until I left. I miss him so much.


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