Phone bling


 Written by Danielle Champiet-Coronado 

      I LOVE to do all kinds of crafts and experiments. These are two of my latest, phone bling. I have a Galaxy S4 and I love it. I’ve always had Samsung phones and had great experiences with them.
     When I bought my S4, I chose between an IPhone and the S4. I liked the specs on the S4 a bit better than the IPhone, so the S4 won! Only downside,  just about every cute phone case I saw was for an IPhone. There were a few bland covers for Galaxy phones, but entire stores were dedicated to IPhone bling. What’s a girl to do?
     Since I make beaded and stone jewelry, I have tons of materials that I have procured from Jo-Ann Fabrics, Michael’s, etc. The bold jewels and the earphone jack I got from Dollar Tree.
      I took apart a set of ear buds that didn’t work anymore, cut it down to the jack, but left a tail to attach the beads. I cut four 8 inch strands of beading line (looks like fishing line), secured one end with a crimping bead and loaded on my preselected beads. When I reached the desired length, set it aside.  Leaving the top end open. Once all four were done, I gathered two together, ran both lines through one crimp bead, looped it as tight as I could around the neck of the ear bud, ran the ends through the crimp bead again and then clamped it tightly.  I did the same with the other two and super-glued a jewel on the top. Voila! A little jewelry for my phone.
     I wanted my protective phone case to match, so using wax paper and nail polish, I painted the horse and cat design that I wanted on there. I did mine free-hand,  but wax paper is transparent enough that you can lay it over a design and copy it too. Once the paint dried, I cat them out and laid out my design on the case until it was the way I wanted.
     Using Aleene’s Jewel-It embellishing glue, I spread a decent layer on the back of each jewel and picture, one at a time, and secured them to the case. I then spread a bit more generous layer over the pictures and around the jewels and the rest of the case. If there’s too much glue in one spot, it will appear a little cloudy and will dry that way. After applying the glue all over, double-check it for cloudy spots. If there are any, just smooth it out with your finger. Once done, let it dry for 24 hours.
     Once the glue is dried, spray Krylon’s Crystal Clear acrylic coating (used for acrylic & oil painting) all over the glued area. Let it dry for 24 hours. Once dried, you will have a smooth, shiny and stylish phone cover!

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